“Is That Jazz?”
Annaliesa Rose’s debut album features amazing musicians Miroslav Bukovsky, Michael Bartolomei, Phil Stack and Tim Firth. Recorded by Michael Bartolomei at One Chook Studio. Mixed & a couple of overdubs/edits done by Mark Sutton at HiHat Music Studios.

Mastering by Jim Kelly at Tone Ranger Studio.

Music Arrangements by Michael Bartolomei except for “My Romance” arranged by Annaliesa Rose, “52nd Street”, “Seven Heaven”, “Bronte”, “A Magical Dream” arranged by Miroslav Bukovsky, “You” arranged by both Michael Bartolomei and Miroslav Bukovsky and “Happy” was a band collective on the feel inspired by Tim Firth’s knowledge of different rhythms.

The cover illustration and signature rose on CD are by Libby Hyett. Design and CD manufacturing by Black Widow Design.

Released June 22, 2021

Miroslav Bukovsky, Michael Bartolomei, Phil Stack, Tim Firth.

Some more of my songs not on CD:

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